Untold Reality

Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls

Norman Maede at Missing and Murdered Aboriginal Women Vigil

In Indigenous worldview and community Women have held a place of special honour and respect as life givers. Because of their strong motherly ties to children and community, they have often been considered the true leaders of the community.

With the colonization of the western hemisphere, the attitudes toward Women have changed dramatically and tragically. Stereotypes of Indigenous women as unworthy heathen, having lose morals, being simple minded, unequal to men, and less than human, have subjected them to sexual exploitation, discrimination, and violence. This lack of respect for Indigenous Women has become accepted by many in society and has opened the door to abusive and predatory men to engage in acts of violence, with little or no consequence.

There are more than 500 missing and murdered Indigenous Women of Canada.  These crimes remain unsolved.

These missing Women are loved, cherished and missed greatly by their families, friends and community.



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