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Water Quality in Ontario First Nations: An Interactive Map

MCC Ontario works with First Nation communities to address access to clean water.  Of the 134 First Nations in Ontario, 45% are at high risk for water insecurity.  This map tells the stories of this struggle for a basic human right.


Energy Justice – Interfaith Task Force on Northern Hydro Development

On an average day, over $3.5 million worth of electricity flows from the dams in northern Manitoba to consumers in the south. Each time we flick a light switch we benefit from this inexpensive and reliable power. But what is happening at the other end of the power line? This website aims to answer that question by providing thoughtful, non-polarized consideration of issues related to Manitoba’s hydro-electric system.


The Scars of Mercury

Watch The Scars of Mercury on YouTube.

A paper mill in Dryden, Ontario started discharging inorganic mercury into the English-Wabigoon river system in 1962. Methylmercury accumulated in the fish through the food web, becoming the more toxic organic mercury. Fish is the staple and sacred diet of the Anishinaabek people in that region. Mercury can cause serious damage to the central nervous system. This documentary makes connections between the mercury in the source water and the health effects experienced by the Anishinaabek people of Grassy Narrows First Nation and Whitedog Independent Nations.


Mother Earth Water Walk

Two Anishinawbe Grandmothers and a group of Anishinawbe women and men have taken action regarding the water issue by walking the perimeter of the Great Lakes.



Myth: All people living within Canadian borders have access to clean, safe water

January 2014



First Voice

Indigenous Youth – Uranium

December 2011