Myth: Indigenous People and New Comers Need Canadians of European Descent as Mentors

Photo by Claude Savard/design by Mike Carroll

Ervin Chartrand is an award winning Metis filmmaker who resides in Winnipeg. He has directed multiple dramatic shorts, music videos and documentaries. Prior to his career in film, Chartrand was a gang leader who reformed his life after being incarcerated. He continues to speak to youth about his experiences. This created a special bond with some of the high-risk youth of IRCOM. “I followed a path of destruction, before I found myself behind prison walls and overcame the most challenging times. I wanted to reach out to all the troubled youth and talking at schools wouldn’t cut it, so I became a filmmaker.” (Winnipeg Arts Council)

Wab Kinew (Pronounced: Wob ka-Noo) is a one-of-a-kind musical talent, becoming one of the artists “to watch for” emerging from the Prairie Provinces. He is a hip-hop artist and CBC radio producer//host based in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Wab exemplifies what it means to be multicultural in Canada today, holding both a Bachelor of Arts degree in economics, and training in the traditional Medicine ways of his Anishinaabe people. (from “Facebook”)

Follow the link below and then scroll down to the bottom of this web page to watch the moving documentary of the process and creation of the rap video “Live from ’95” (bottom video) and the rap video created by new comer youth made with the help of mentors including Evin and Wab (top video)

Posted December 2011


Live From ’95