Myth: Indigenous Art Belongs in Museums or in Collections

REALITY: Indigenous Art is Healing

“My people will sleep for one hundred years. When they awake, it will be the artists who give them their spirit back.”

– Louis Riel

There is no word for art in Native languages. Art serves everyday purposes to make the ordinary extraordinary. Art is part of the concept of WoLakota, an Indigenous philosophy from the Lakota culture that reflects a way of life that is in balance and harmony.

Justice: A sense of what is right can emerge from art. Just as art can encourage us to look at historic injustices, art can also offer a balm to us, a vision of what can be as we begin nurturing healthy identities and imagine truly constructive purposes for our life.

Art can nurture us on our paths to becoming both whole and beautiful to behold

Ruth Yellowhawk, Wyandotte/German (March 25, 1960 – August 7, 2010)

Posted January 2014


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