Myth: All people living within Canadian borders have access to clean, safe water

REALITY: Today approximately 120 First Nations communities across Canada are under drinking water advisories.

All people need water to live.  Quenching thirst, cooking, cleaning and sanitation, fishing and gardening all depend on access to clean water.  The United Nations General Assembly adopted a resolution on July 28, 2010 recognizing access to clean water a human right.

Sadly, right now, approximately 120 First Nations across Canada are advised to boil their water before consuming it. Some of these communities have been living this way for 10 years.

Lack of protection of source water, insufficient funding to create and maintain water treatment facilities and location of reserves all play a part in the inaccessibility to safe water.   According to the treaties, safe, clean water on reserves is the responsibility of the Federal Government with partnership from the First Nations.

Posted January 2014


Glass Action (Video, Part 1, 8:53)

This film was produced as an introduction to the Empty Glass for Water campaign. This campaign strives to raise awareness about First Nations drinking water. Currently 1 in 6 of our communities are on ‘boil water advisories’… over 100 communities across Canada. The campaign involves mailing an ’empty glass for water’ to the Prime Minister of Canada… a reminder that someone is waiting for it to be filled. Water is not a commodity, it is a gift and a right to all life.