Mythperceptions is an initiative of the Indigenous Neighbours Program of Mennonite Central Committee Canada. Our purpose is to engage with Canadians in order to provide education and understanding about Indigenous people’s history, rights and issues across Turtle Island. We want to facilitate a change of understanding and respect of the ways, experiences and voices of Indigenous Peoples across the country, of their hopes and dreams.

MythPerceptions title is in one word, blended from two words, refers to understanding and seeing things in messed up ways that are not grounded in factual reality. Mythperceptions is intended to dismantle and dispel racial stereotypes, myths and perceptions from the mainstream culture that tends to be informed by fear and misunderstanding about Indigenous Peoples of Turtle Island.

We hope that Mythperceptions will engage you, encourage a change in attitudes and views while challenging you to dig deeper into the issues facing Indigenous Peoples. We want to share information with you on topics such as residential schools, land and water rights, concepts on colonialism, racism, privilege and allies.

We invite you to work and walk together with us to build a respectful, just relationship between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people.

Contact Mythperceptions with comments, suggestions and questions at MiriamSainnawap@mcccanada.ca or seagle@mennonitecc.ca